[Glaslyn] Final reminder

susant@unt.edu susant at unt.edu
Fri Jun 22 12:30:57 PDT 2001

Greetings Everyone:

This is your final reminder (I'm sure you are glad to
hear that!)  Tomorrow, Dona KayLeigh will be holding a
"Let Me Drape You for Women's Fighter Garb" workshop.
The time is 10:00 (ish) at our house.

Remember to bring shorts and muslim so that a pattern
can be made TO FIT YOU!  Also, for all of you guys out
there that wish to come and join us, please feel free to
do so.

If you need directions, just call me (940) 383-1270

See you then!

Lady Lavina
Minister of A&S, Canton of Glaslyn

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