[Glaslyn] Another reminder

grrhine@swbell.net grrhine at swbell.net
Fri Jun 22 12:47:26 PDT 2001

For those of you not going to the fighting garb workshop,
Lindenwood is having their meeting at 10:00 a.m. tomorrow as well.
It would be really great if we could get some Glaslynites to go to
this meeting so we can discuss our doing an event with

I believe there still may be some confusion about our doing
Kingdom A&S. This is a good time for us to discuss this with
Lindenwood, and get some ideas. As Glaslyn has also been
approached by Lady Katya about her bid for this event, I would
really like to get some input from Glaslynites about Lindenwood's
proposal. While the two may be related, they aren't necessarily the
same thing.

If you can make it to Lindenwood's meeting, please do so.

In Service,

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