[Glaslyn] Quest for the Flame

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Sounds cool!  Can't wait to play.

Since I wasn't at the meeting, I have two questions:
One - will we still be doing the Joan of Arc scenario at some point?
Two - how much discussion was there on whether this should be a contest or
just a discussion/presentation?

As to your question:  Perhaps we could find out if there was something
equivalent at that time and country.  For instance:  with your 700, Ireland,
Rapier Marshall - was there an alternate fighting style in Ireland at the
time?  Was there a sport or other recreational activity that embodied the
same ideals/filled the same niche in society?

A third question comes to mind - the offices seem to be a broad and perhaps
not easily definable in period sort of category.  Were there such things as
hospitallers at all?  When we pull seneschal, will we look at all leadership
positions in that culture?  A & S seems so broad as to be daunting.

Again these are questions since I wasn't there and didn't get to hear or
participate in  the discussions - I'm not trying to be controversial, just
raise issues.

On a different note, my friends and former dance students are hoping to
start a group in Venezuela.  I'll be bringing their e-mails to a meeting -
please think about what you could advise them on.  Although we half-jokingly
said they could belong to Glaslyn, I believe the kingdom seneschal will have
other plans; however, that doesn't mean that we can't be their main mentors
and extend our reach a little beyond our borders.  ;-)  After all - if Llew
can conquer Carrollton for Glaslyn and a tiny bit of Scotland now belongs to
us, Caracas isn't all that much further!  ;-)


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> As a side note, this was not discussed at the meeting,
> but is something we need to address.  What if we draw
> 700 A.D., Ireland, Rapier Marshall?  Do we re-draw or
> make a change to the office?  Think about this. (I'm
> sure it will happen eventually).  We will discuss this
> at the next meeting.
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