[Glaslyn] Quest for the Flame

susant@unt.edu susant at unt.edu
Thu Jun 28 07:06:19 PDT 2001


I'm glad you and Sebastian had fun on your vacation.  I
want to see pictures!

To answer your questions:

> One - will we still be doing the Joan of Arc
> scenario at some point?

We are a democratic canton.  Ask the members of the
Canton if they still want to do this.  Since the Quest
is every other month, I don't see why we can't do this
one in between the Quest.

> Two - how much discussion was there on whether
> this should be a contest or
> just a discussion/presentation?

Good question.  Since the others have been contests, I
presented this to run as a contest.  However, if people
just want it to be a discussion/presentation and not a
competition, then I'm willing to go with whatever
everyone else wants.

> As to your question:  Perhaps we could find out
> if there was something
> equivalent at that time and country.  For
> instance:  with your 700, Ireland,
> Rapier Marshall - was there an alternate
> fighting style in Ireland at the
> time?  Was there a sport or other recreational
> activity that embodied the
> same ideals/filled the same niche in society?

This is a good idea.  Hold on to that thought and bring
it up again for discussion.

> A third question comes to mind - the offices
> seem to be a broad and perhaps
> not easily definable in period sort of category.

This is exactly why it was done this way.  To give
people a chance to research out "something" in that
particular category - define it as you wish.  That way
there is more knowledge being spread and not everyone is
researching out the exact same thing.

>  Were there such things as hospitallers at all?

I'm sure not.  However, since the hoispitaller is
supposed to be the "welcome wagon" and make people feel
welcome, you could always research out feasts,
entertaining, dancing for invited guests (to make them
feel special and welcome) and other aspects of

> When we pull seneschal, will we look at all
leadership positions in that culture?

Possibly.  Or just the form of government at the time,
or what a politician would have worn, how they would
have been identified (i.e. how to spot them in a crowd -
such as their horse or chariot), etc. etc.

>A & S seems so broad as to be daunting.

Yep.  But that is part of the Quest for the Flame (of
knowledge).  To research out something and educate the
others in the group about "something" in that arena.

> ...I'm not trying to be controversial, just
> raise issues.

And good issues they are too!

> On a different note, my friends and former dance
> students are hoping to
> start a group in Venezuela.


I hope to see you Monday at fighter practice.


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