[Glaslyn] Quest for the Flame

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When I first proposed this new "Quest" I proposed that
the entry fee be largess which would be placed in a box.
The largess that had been collected would be used as
prizes at our next event.

I proposed this idea so that it would make it easier on
the person coordinating prize baskets at the next event.

After much discussion and tossing around ideas, the
Canton decided that the winner would get the contents of
the box.

So yes, there was discussion.  However, the majority of
the discussion was on what exactly should, or should not
be allowed.  I.E. is a $200 mace better than a garage
sale find 25 cent candle stick.  That is why the rule
was made that whatever the item is must fit inside the

I am more than willing ot hold more discussions on what
should be done with the contents of the largess box.


Quoting Scot and Michelle Henry <henrycs at ix.netcom.com>:

> Let me clarify.  Yes, I know it was posted as a
> contest and I understood the
> rules.  My question was SHOULD it be a contest?
> So I was wondering how much
> discussion had been done to that end.  If it was
> discussed thoroughly and
> everyone wanted a contest then great, let's make
> it a contest.  But if there
> was no discussion, perhaps (if Lavina doesn't
> mind) there should be some.
> My opinion as a teacher is that I'm disappointed
> that people have to be
> bribed with winning something for learning.  I
> also think it's difficult to
> choose a winner when people are teaching others
> about what they learned and
> possibly hoping for discussion on it.  I also
> think worrying about people
> judging a presentation means more attention is
> focused on presentation than
> on group learning.
> Our purpose in the SCA is learning, teaching and
> putting that knowledge to
> use, but all too often we make it about getting
> something.
> Just my two cents.
> Capricia
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> >    Good Lords and Ladies I must concur with
> the idea that this is a
> contest.  You must first present something for
> the Largesse box. The object
> must fit into the box.   Good luck all
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