[Glaslyn] Defender of the Flame

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Good points on both.  Wolf and I try to go to Spring Melees (Boardermarch
Baronial).  It is usually a fairly well attended event.
If I had a choice, I'd pick April 12-14.  When was the event held last year?

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>Wesath ge hal!
>    Last night at populace, I had mentioned starting now to look for dates
>for our Defender fighting event.  May is pretty packed locally, I believe,
>but I did check the unofficial kingdom calendar and in April, I thought
>these might be considered:
>12-14 Hero of the Temple - Tempio (Temple, TX)
>            (15th - Tax Day)
>19-21 Bordermarch Baronial - Bordermarch (Beaumont, TX)
>      Highland Games II: The Clan Wars - Ffynnon Gath (San Marcos, TX)
>  Tempio is close, but in the Southern Region still and there are no
>Northern events that weekend so we could pull well locally and from our
>North.  However it is the weekend after Elfsea Spring Fair.  Do we want it
>that close to a big baronial event?
>   The second weekend is way too the south in both cases, but I seem to
>recall Bordermarch Baronial being a big draw.
>   I was just curious as to what others might think.  I know it seems long
>off, but getting it set early could help shore up attendance.  Besides the
>early we get going the less cramming there is.
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