[Glaslyn] Withdrawl of bid for Artisan of the Flame

Lothar Wildehaer rampanthare at yahoo.com
Fri Jul 12 06:43:33 PDT 2002

Unto the Populace of Glaslyn does Lady Roana
FitzStephen send greetings,

It is with heavy heart that I must withdraw my bid to
autocrat the Artisan of the Flame event. Due to issues
both mundane and within the Society it is necessary to
remove my self from contention.

Several months ago I made a decision to bid on the
Artisan of the Flame.  I have never done anything like
this and spoke with many of my friends both in the
Canton and outside who told me this would be a good

I made a bid in good faith that my vision of what an
artisan event should be would be honored.  My bid was
conditional on finding a site where we could hold
classes, have a large display area and facilities to
hold a feast.  I also made it very clear that I did
not wish to steward an event, which included any
marshaled activity.  I wish to add that at no time did
I speak to any of the sites I contacted about running
Tourneys or Lists but only fighting related classes.

On Wednesday July 3, I was advised that my bid had
been accepted on the condition that I find a more
cost-effective site. Yesterday I was able to find a
site that could provide my desires while staying
within the Canton's resources. This site would give us
the classrooms space we need and enough space for the
display of the artisans as well as a feast without
having to do major rearranging.  It has large hall
that could accommodate both display and feast
concurrently was very important on my list of site
necessities.  I had hoped with the later event date to
see 100-150 attend the event and at least half of that
number to stay for feast and the bardic competition.

However several incidents which have occurred in the
past few days have been instrumental in my decision:

On Monday July 8, while attending fighter's practice I
was told that the event must include some form of list
1) it was "unfair" to the fighters to have been told a
third time there was no tourney
2) The event appears in the Black Star on the calendar
as Defender of the Flame instead of Artisan of the
3) Attendance would be higher if a list was held.

Secondly last night I was informed that the will of
the populace was to have a combined event.  Apparently
a vote was taken at a meeting where I was not in
attendance.  Also I was informed that the vote taken
at the July 3 business meeting was not valid in spite
of the fact it had been announced several times that a
decision would be made at that meeting on the final

My vision for our event was a Day at the Bazaar where
visitors could pass between the displays as if
shopping in a Middle Eastern bazaar.  I was hoping to
have feast where our bardic hopefuls would entertain
us while we ate.  I was also hoping to attract
merchants who would sell their wares. I feel that is
important that the following issues are presented.
1) I have no knowledge of how to run a heavy or light
2) More importantly I feel that to have any "outside"
activities would detract from the main focus the
event.  In light of the situation at Steppes Artisan I
believe it more important than ever that we give the
artisans in the society a forum where their vision of
the dream is front and center.
3) I do not want to invite people to teach at only to
find no one attended the classes because they were
watching a list.
4) The site widely accepted, as ideal does not have
the space needed for classes or feast.
5) No accommodations are available for the populace
mandated Archery Championship.  And for the 3rd time
archers could be told they would not be allowed to

I am greatly saddened to find that my dream is
unacceptable to the members of the Canton and hope
that someone can be found who will be willing and able
to create an event that is more pleasing to the

It is also the desire of my family that I not
continue.   My children are very important to me and I
respect that are uncomfortable with my taking on this

I remain,
In service to the dream

Lady Roana FitzStephen

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