[Glaslyn] Withdrawl of bid for Artisan of the Flame

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Family always comes first but I have to ask, what exactly do you mean by in
likght of the situation at Steppes Artisan? Which Artisan are you referring
to and what happened? I am curious because I have been to nearly all of
them and autocrated one of them and do not understand your statement. What
did I miss at a past Steppes Artisan that has effected your bid?


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Subject: [Glaslyn] Withdrawl of bid for Artisan of the Flame


2) More importantly I feel that to have any "outside"
activities would detract from the main focus the
event.  In light of the situation at Steppes Artisan I
believe it more important than ever that we give the
artisans in the society a forum where their vision of
the dream is front and center.


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