[Glaslyn] Defender/Artisan Decisions - Long, but IMPORTANT! Immediate Action requested.

Scot and Michelle Henry henrycs at ix.netcom.com
Wed Jul 17 22:35:12 PDT 2002

Greetings unto the Populace of Glaslyn,

In regards to our upcoming event, some decisions have been made and some
decisions still need to made before an event announcement can be put into
the Blackstar.  Of the decisions that need to be made, we need to decide if
they can be handled peaceably online (and by phone for those not online) or
if an emergency business meeting needs to be called.  Everyone's input is

In this message I'll try to provide as much information as possible to aid
in the decision making.

Event Date:  Spetember 21st
Blackstar Deadline:  July 31st
Seneschal: Out of Town until Saturday the 20th
Treasurer:  Out of Country Saturday, July 20th through late Sunday, July
Decision Deadline:  A.S.A.P., consider that the Blackstar announcement must
be written and mailed to ARRIVE by the deadline.

INCONTESTABLE* Decisions Regarding the Event:
*If you weren't at the meeting and have honest questions, I will try to
answer them, but these are decided.
1.  The event will take place on September 21st.
2.  It will be a one-day event.
3.  It will be a combined fighting (heavy and light)and artisan (static)
event.  No archery, equestrian, or thrown weapons due to site restrictions.
4.  It will take place at the Krum Masonic Lodge.
5.  A bid was turned in so the autocrat will be Lord David da La Roke with
Master Airaklee Wolf as co-autocrat.  A food bid was also submitted by
   Projected cost to the Canton:
	Site:  		$50
	SideBoard:		$154.72
	Site Tokens:	$0.00
		(These are already made for our next two events.  Materials were donated.)
	Prizes:		$0.00 budgeted
		(All cloaks except our Performing Artisan cloak have been made.  Materials
were 			donated.  If other prizes are desired, donations will be accepted.)
	Miscellaneous:	$50
		(Includes paper products for sideboard and food and Gatorade for the list)

	TOTAL:		$254.72

Decisions that must be made BEFORE the event announcement:
1.  Will the Artisan portion of the event be simply the contest or will it
also include classes?  (It was heavily encouraged that we have classes.)

2.  If classes are run, should they run concurrently with fighting or take
place at their own time?
	A PROPOSED schedule:  	Site opens to the public:  9:00 (Canton set-up at
					Fighting:  10 - 2
						(Fighters may still enter after 10, but will not 							be considered
for the Defender title)
					A & S Judging:  2 - 3
					A & S Classes:  3 - 7
					Sideboard (for 75 people)available:  2 - 4  (after fighting)
					Court:  7 - 9?
					Site closes to public:  9:00  (after court)

3.  Everyone okay with there being food available?  Is the time okay?
Remember sideboards are first-come, first-served and there is no portion

4.  Gate fee.  Ultimately this is a financial committee decision, but I
would like input.  Background:  Lavina and I had discussed setting site fee
at $6.00.  This would allow us to BREAK EVEN at 40 adults if the projected
costs were $240.  We had not considered food as part of that estimate.  At
the current proposed bid which includes food, the break even for $6 would be
44 adults.
	Past attendance:  2001 Defender:  80 - 90 people
				2001 Artisan:   60 - 70 people
A site fee of $7 would give us a break even at 38 people with the proposed
Children would of course be lower (probably by $2).  We as a group consider
children to be those aged 6 - 12.  We have allowed those 5 and under to
attend for free.  Eventually, we'll need to decide these age breaks as part
of our official financial policy.
Lavina and I preferred $6 over $7 because the lower fee will entice more
people to our event, especially since it's only one day.  I could accept $7
now that a sideboard is being offered and the budget is a teensy bit over
what we had projected.

We could also have a price for those not intending to eat the sideboard and
those that are. It's hard to control who actually eats so I'm generally
against this idea.  On the other hand, if people feel they've paid for it
they're going to want to "get their money's worth" and we're only projecting
food for 75.

We will discuss this issue again this Saturday morning (the 20th) and make
the final gate fee decision.  Please voice opinions on this issue BEFORE
then.  (Note:  Only whole dollar amounts will be considered as otherwise
gate gets messy.)

Other issues that can be decided AFTER the Blackstar deadline:
1.  How many classes and tracks of classes can be managed?  (Again, it was
heavily encouraged to keep this small.  Suggested:  2 - 3 tracks of classes,
1 hour each, yields 8 - 12 classes.)
	Info. on site:  	The site has 5 classrooms available.
				We also have access to baronial pavilions if they are needed.
2.  What further prizes, if any, are needed?
3.  Who's going to run what?  How much outside support do we need?
4.  What equipment do we need to borrow from Steppes?
5.  Are there any projects that need to be completed before the event?
6.  Do we need any work days?

Please post any comments to the entire list.  If you know someone who is not
on the list, please share this information and have them contact Lady
Lavina, myself, or one of the autocrats.  We really do want to hear
everyone's voice.

In service,
Lady Melissent d'Aulnay the Capricious ("Capricia")
Treasurer, Canton of Glaslyn

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