[Glaslyn] Defender/Artisan Decisions

Scot and Michelle Henry henrycs at ix.netcom.com
Wed Jul 17 23:33:38 PDT 2002

Here's my opinions on the decisions to be made.

Decisions that must be made BEFORE the event announcement:
1.  Classes or no?

I've been told the hall is small, but if we can have classes, it will give
people more opportunity to do something and will make it seem more like an
Artisan event.  I like teaching and I like learning, so classes are a yes
vote from me.

2.  Schedule?
	A PROPOSED schedule:  	Site opens to the public:  9:00 (Canton set-up at
					Fighting:  10 - 2
						(Fighters may still enter after 10, but will not 							be considered
for the Defender title)
					A & S Judging:  2 - 3
					A & S Classes:  3 - 7
					Sideboard (for 75 people)available:  2 - 4  (after fighting)
					Court:  7 - 9?
					Site closes to public:  9:00  (after court)

I like the schedule.  It lets people know when their activities will take
place so they can plan their day accordingly.  It gives fighters and
fighting spectators a chance to cool down and pack up while judging occurs
(unless they also have a display) and still make it to class on time.
Artisans will not be required to sit at their display all day so they can
also watch the fighting and attend classes.  This allows for the greatest
maximum attention of all participants to all activities.
My only negative thought is that it's a long day with no scheduled food
breaks, but I assume most people are mature enough to meet their needs.

3.  Sideboard?  Time?

Food is always a plus.  We have a reputation already of providing good
period food, so good food will help to maintain that reputation.
I suggest opening the sideboard at 1:00
I understand that fighters will wait until fighting is over to eat, but I
think most people like to eat before 2.  However, opening it earlier chances
that nothing will be left when the fighters get there if they wait.  People
bringing their own food for lunch will eat less or nothing at the sideboard
which means one of two things:  those that only eat the sideboard will get
more (good) or food won't get eaten (not so good but can be dealt with).
Since we're planning on feeding 75 and predicting that most people will
choose to eat between 2 and 3 during the judging, I think we'd be safe to
open it earlier.

4.  Gate fee:  $6 or $7

I personally still think more people will choose to attend a cheaper event.
My responsibility to the group is to help make as much money as possible.
Although $7 seems like it will do that, I think we'll get a higher
attendance with $6 and the break even numbers are fairly close.  44 adults
is about 50% of last year's attendance which was our first Defender.  I
fully expect barring any horrible disaster including rain that we will have
a similar, if not improved, attendance.
As treasurer, I'd fully support $10 if I thought people would pay it, but I
know they won't for a one-day event.  One dollar difference doesn't seem
like all that much but it adds up - both for our profit but also for our
attendees.  Usually a family max is set at the cost of three adults, so the
most any one immediate family would spend is $21 if we choose $7.
I could go either way which is why I want input.

Decisions AFTER the Blackstar deadline?
These can be discussed at the August business meeting, August 7th.  If you
want your opinion heard please attend.  However, I do think we should start
looking for teachers immediately.  The number of responses may help us
determine how many classes to have and it's just polite to give people as
much time as possible.


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