[Glaslyn] Defender/Artisan Decisions

Lothar Wildehaer rampanthare at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 18 10:21:31 PDT 2002

I'll go with the flow on the issues ---but

We need to put into the advertisement the following

Types of tourneys -- both the lists and the artisan
contests.  Are there going to be anything special like
a children's artisan contest?

Nature of the Artisan display.  Body of work or
limited items. This needs to be in the Ad because it
may help a person decide if they want to compete or

The side board should not run concurrently with
activities if it is included in the price..ie the list
or the classes.  Someone will complain they didn't get
to eat because they were fighting or in a class.

Limit the number of classes to 6-8.  Fewer longer
classes would be better than many short ones.

One classroom should be designated for the children's
activities.  As a mom I know the kids shouldn't be out
in the heat all day.  This need to be in the ad as

We also need to limit when the A&S entries can be set
up. Put it in the ad.  Like the with the fighters we
will also have people who wait until the last minute
to set up.  If the populace is going to pick the
Artisan Keeper of the Flame we will need more than an
hour to look since everyone will be busy--I repeat
Everyone will be Busy.

Are we going with a theme of some sort?  That needs to
be in the ad.

Sorry that's all I can think of off the top of my
at work.  I don't have my worksheets here with me.


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