[Glaslyn] Defender/Artisan Decisions - Long, but IMPORTANT! Immediate Action requested.

Berry Canote bcanote at earthlink.net
Thu Jul 18 08:44:06 PDT 2002

On 18 Jul 2002 at 0:35, Scot and Michelle Henry wrote:

> Decisions that must be made BEFORE the event announcement:
> 1.  Will the Artisan portion of the event be simply the contest or will it
> also include classes?  (It was heavily encouraged that we have classes.)

Yes, I think we need classes, even if only three or four.

> 2.  If classes are run, should they run concurrently with fighting or take
> place at their own time?
> 	A PROPOSED schedule:  	Site opens to the public:  9:00 (Canton set-up at
> 8:00)
> 					Fighting:  10 - 2
> 						(Fighters may still enter after 10, but will not 							be considered
> for the Defender title)
> 					A & S Judging:  2 - 3
> 					A & S Classes:  3 - 7
> 					Sideboard (for 75 people)available:  2 - 4  (after fighting)
> 					Court:  7 - 9?
> 					Site closes to public:  9:00  (after court)

I think classes should run at their own time, unless of course an insturctor just wants
to run a class at the same time as the tourney.

> 3.  Everyone okay with there being food available?  Is the time okay?
> Remember sideboards are first-come, first-served and there is no portion
> control.

I am fine with the sideboard.

> 4.  Gate fee.  Ultimately this is a financial committee decision, but I
> would like input.  Background:  Lavina and I had discussed setting site fee
> at $6.00.  This would allow us to BREAK EVEN at 40 adults if the projected
> costs were $240.  We had not considered food as part of that estimate.  At
> the current proposed bid which includes food, the break even for $6 would be
> 44 adults.

That I will leave up to the experts (-'

I just want to add that I am willing to help the autocrats with anything they need, so
long as they remember Joan is preggers, and I many not have as much time as I
want to do things. Granted my experience is 20 years in the past, but I have done
troll, kinght marshalled, helped with feast, been a gofer... just give me something to

In Service,
Oswald aka Swain

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