[Glaslyn] Children's Activities

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Thu Jul 18 13:48:14 PDT 2002

On 18 Jul 2002 at 14:17, Melinda Turnage wrote:

> Capricia wrote:
> >It's been brought to my attention that we also need to decide if we'll
> >advertise children's activities.
> >--------------------------------
> I think that if we can accommodate children's activities, it would be a
> plus.  However, do we have enough rooms to do this?
> David/Wolf, your ideas?
> In service,
> Ceinwen~


I believe I need to bring to the complete Canton's attention that due to my health
and pregnancy, I can not be a MOC this year in Sept for Childrens' activities as
the canton and myself planned on when the event was scheduled for early this year.
I have the following suggestions, ask the MOC of the Steppes if she could aid the
Canton. Also Roana, your lovely daughter Sabine offered to aid me with the
childrens' activities in the earlier planned event, do you think she could aid the
person who takes over the childrens' activities this event. The children respond well
to her and she knows most of the Canton's kids behavior(good and bad.lol)
and would adapt well to others children.  The children do not need to be in the hot
outside area for very long. Doug, David, one room of some sort will be required to
host activities for them or they will quickly get under the fighters feet regardless who
is in charge of them.

In Service,

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