[Glaslyn] Defender/Artisan Decisions - Long, but IMPORTANT! Immediate Action requested.

Lady Lavina ladylavina at email.com
Thu Jul 18 16:34:59 PDT 2002

Hi Everyone:

Here is my vote:

> 5.  A bid was turned in so the autocrat will be Lord David da La Roke with
> Master Airaklee Wolf as co-autocrat.  A food bid was also submitted by
> Alisdair.


>    Projected cost to the Canton:
> 	Site:  		$50
> 	SideBoard:		$154.72
> 	Site Tokens:	$0.00


> 		(These are already made for our next two events.  Materials were donated.)


> 	Prizes:		$0.00 budgeted


> 		(All cloaks except our Performing Artisan cloak have been made.  Materials
> were 			donated.  If other prizes are desired, donations will be accepted.)

Thanks to eveyone who helped in someway on this!

> 	Miscellaneous:	$50
> 		(Includes paper products for sideboard and food and Gatorade for the list)
> 	TOTAL:		$254.72

Looks good!
> Decisions that must be made BEFORE the event announcement:
> 1.  Will the Artisan portion of the event be simply the contest or will it
> also include classes?  (It was heavily encouraged that we have classes.)


> 2.  If classes are run, should they run concurrently with fighting or take
> place at their own time

Open it up for classes during the fighting and let the instructor decide if they want to teach during or after the fighting.

> 	A PROPOSED schedule:  	Site opens to the public:  9:00 (Canton set-up at
> 8:00)
> 					Fighting:  10 - 2
> 						(Fighters may still enter after 10, but will not 							be considered
> for the Defender title)
> 					A & S Judging:  2 - 3
> 					A & S Classes:  3 - 7
> 					Sideboard (for 75 people)available:  2 - 4  (after fighting)
> 					Court:  7 - 9?
> 					Site closes to public:  9:00  (after court)

Eveything about the schedule looks good except the classes portion (see my comments above).
> 3.  Everyone okay with there being food available?  Is the time okay?
> Remember sideboards are first-come, first-served and there is no portion
> control.


> 4.  Gate fee.  Ultimately this is a financial committee decision, but I
> would like input.  Background:  Lavina and I had discussed setting site fee

> Lavina and I preferred $6 over $7 because the lower fee will entice more
> people to our event, especially since it's only one day.

I still hold to $6.00
> We could also have a price for those not intending to eat the sideboard and
> those that are.

Sounds good to me, but a little trickier at gate, but then again troll people are used to this.

We can address the rest of the stuff later.  Back to the books for me.

A very, very exhaustd Lavina!

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