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The ad officially comes out in September.  Thus a theme would have to be
communicated in other ways.  I'm glad to hear our theme is assumed already
with a legacy of only two years.  ;-)
I agree that the time really isn't sufficient at this point.  A limit of 5
doesn't sound like a body of works to me and sounds manageable.  Is there a
different way to word this?


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Capricia wrote:
>**  Someone help jog my memory, but I believe it's been discussed that the
>theme will involve fire/flame of some sort.  Of course, I don't know how
>artisans feel about getting a theme 2 months out.
>I know it was decided that it would not be a body of works.  We do not have
>the space for this yet and the general concensus seems to be against this
>type of A & S.**
Here is my opinion on the Artisan competition; being that it is of interest
to me.  ;-D

I really love the idea of a theme for an artisan competition.  However,
since the ad will not be out until August, I don't think it will give
adequate time for artisans to put an entry together with any quality.  Most
artisans already have some showable pieces and if we had it as a body of
work with a limited number of pieces (say no more than 5), I think we can
come up with the adequate amount of space to accommodate the artists.  I
feel that 5 pieces should give the judges enough to look at to know the
talents of the artist.  Additionally, placing a theme can make it more
challenging for the artists and will limit the number to compete.

So, my question to you is.....do we want a theme with fewer artists?  Or
more artist entrants with a more general display?

My 2 cents worth.

In service,

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