[Glaslyn] Artisan Decisions

Kellie Hardy khemail at swbell.net
Mon Jul 22 09:47:13 PDT 2002

It seems to me that the third option has not been brought up concerning the
Artisan competition.  In many A&S events, the competition is open, with a
special prize for a themed category.  That way you can attract a large number of
artisans on short notice, but offer a good challenge for those so inclined....

If you all would like to set up this separate category, I would be happy to
furnish a respectable prize for the winner.

In service,
Catrin Steppes

> <    >
> I really love the idea of a theme for an artisan competition.  However,
> since the ad will not be out until August, I don't think it will give
> adequate time for artisans to put an entry together with any quality.  Most
> artisans already have some showable pieces and if we had it as a body of
> work with a limited number of pieces (say no more than 5), I think we can
> come up with the adequate amount of space to accommodate the artists.  I
> feel that 5 pieces should give the judges enough to look at to know the
> talents of the artist.  Additionally, placing a theme can make it more
> challenging for the artists and will limit the number to compete.
> So, my question to you is.....do we want a theme with fewer artists?  Or
> more artist entrants with a more general display?

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