[Glaslyn] Pot Luck Donations was "About Gate Fee"

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This is Alastar's wife.  He is very pleased to accept any contributions to the
side board.at the event.   The more the better.  And we may be needing some
extra cooking pots and utensils just in case someone wouldn't mind loaning
them to us.


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>>Catrin wrote:
>>By the way, the prospect of people pitching in some pot-luck
>>to the sideboard (in addition to Alasdair's menu) was mentioned at
>>populace meeting.
>>Alasdair, are you comfortable with that? If so, I will be
>>delighted to
>>contribute something....
>I too would be willing to bring some sausage pies (the same that
>were served
>at our SCA wedding).
>In service,
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