[Glaslyn] Artisan Decisions

Kellie Hardy khemail at swbell.net
Mon Jul 22 20:29:10 PDT 2002

Come to think of it, Your Ladyship, that is exactly how the A&S is run at
Steppes Warlord.  Granted, it is not our Titled competition.  But the change
from year to year allows for interesting challenges for the artisans, and a
learning experience on the many ways to skin a cat for the organizationally-bent
among us.....


Melinda Turnage wrote:

> And there is another option.  I was Dragonsfire Tor's Artisan in the
> past.....they rely on the artisan to set-up the rules. However, I like
> Catrin's suggestion!!!
> Ceinwen~

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