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The Collegium on the Glass Arts is this Saturday.  We hope to see you

Come one. Come all. The Barony of the Steppes wishes to announce our July
mini-collegium. The focus of this mini-collegium will be the glass arts.
The proposed classes and instructors are listed below.
This Steppes Mini-Collegium on the glass arts will be held Saturday, July
27, 2002, starting at 9:00 AM.
LOCATION: Garland Civic Theatre
108 North 6th
Garland, Texas
This is on the downtown square in Garland. We will have SCA signs marking
the location. This is on 6th Street between Main and State. Look for the
green awning. Park around the square, or, there is a parking lot at State
and 5th if the square is full.
All of the classes will be "make and takes" allowing the participants
hands-on time to complete their projects. Those attending can participate
in as many of the classes as they wish and that time will allow.
Lady Rixende de Rouen and Lady Ameline duBois will be teaching glass
beadmaking. Using a small torch and glass rods, participants will learn
to make glass beads of various shapes, sizes, and styles.
Lady Asa Hrafnasdottir will be teaching point engraving on glass. Asa
will have some small glass plates available for projects, so if you want
to try your hand at a goblet or something larger, please bring it. She
will also have period designs available, but if you want to engrave a
particular design (such as your personal device) please bring that design
with you.
HL Suzanna the Herbalist (and possibly Cairenne) will be teaching glass
enameling on copper. Projects will be beads made from copper tubing; some
flat copper disks will be available for anyone wishing to try enameling
HL Julianna Vertue will be teaching the leading of stained glass. Each
participant will cut glass, lead, solder and glaze a 9 inch shield shaped
panel. A variety of colored glass will be available for these projects.
While time will not permit fired painting on glass, Julianna will discuss
how glass was painted, stained, and fired in period and have "faux" glass
paints available for anyone who would like to try them.
Wearing of garb is NOT recommended for glasswork; dress comfortably in
long cotton pants and a cotton t-shirt or similar. Sandals and shorts are
not recommended. If you have protective glasses, please bring them.
There will be a potluck lunch at the site. Please bring something to
contribute to the lunch. We request that you bring real food, not just
chips and dips. Suggestions might be sandwiches, cold meats, side dishes
such as slaw, salad, green bean salad, etc., maybe some chips or baked
beans (cold or in a crock pot), pickles and olives, deviled eggs, etc.
Since it will probably be quite warm, anything that could go bad like
potato salad would probably need to be in a bowl of ice. Of course, a
dessert or two would be nice--a fruit platter is a light option for
dessert. Does that give you a few ideas? THIS IS A DRY SITE.

Please note that this is NOT specifically targeted for either men or
women.  It is for anyone with an interest in the glass arts.

Lord Vincenzo Cellini
A&S Minister
E-mail: lizdenpeters at juno.com
Phone:  214-330-8518

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