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Thanks for your kind words.  It's not really that bad.  (Quit trying to
frighten off perspective replacements ;-) !)

Thanks also for your detailed write up - it will give others more things to
think of before the meeting.  If you're going to copy this on paper, I won't
bother - let me know.  ;-)


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Greetings back, Madame Reeve.

As a beginning, let me say this - over the past few weeks, i've taken both
the Gatekeeper  and the Reeve Classes, trying to understand your office
(because i'm on the financial committee, no other reason), and i've come
away with a feeling of complete awe for anyone who can be a Reeve without
pulling out every hair on their heads several times over.  Thank you,
Capricia, for taking on this office.  And for doing such a good job in it.
That said, the office of the Chirurgeon requires little in practice.  Here's
a dream list:

1.  Basic service kit for the Canton in case a Chirurgeon is not present.
This would need to contain basically bandaids and that new wound-wash J&J
put out.   They cost about $12.99

2.  Copies of incident forms both to have on hand and following an event @
$0.07 each:  $5.00

3.  File Box for historical records (we have none at present)

4.  Banner for Chirurgeon Point at events.

5.  Permanent Waterbearing equipment (2 5-gallon 'jugs' @ 20.00, two
dishwashing basins@ 2.50,
    heavy duty plastic table covers 2 @ 10.00, 6 baldrics @$2.50,  12 Bottle
Bags @ $1.50, Knives, trays/baskets, cutting boards, maybe $20)




Obviously, this is a start-up budget.

An event budget would be rather fluid, depending on the site.  Possible
items include:

1.  Replacements for first aid kit

2.  Ice for waterbearing

3.  Bleach for waterbearing

4.  Straw or hay for waterbearing (don't ask)

5.  Fruit & Pickles, foil, etc.

6.  Port-a-Castles   @100 each

7.  Toilet paper, trash bags, Gator-ade, cleaning supplies

8.  Poster board & lamination for signage

9.  Water for waterbearers
    Worst Case

>From my experience, i'll try and do an A&S budget example:

1.  File box.  There is none at present.

2.  Copies (monthly reports, mostly)

Everything else would go under 'event budget'


Event budget (assuming an A&S Event)

1. Gifts for teachers (in lieu of free attendance)

2.  Copies ( judging sheets, class schedules)

3.  Prizes (4 @ $25)

4.  "Rent"

5.  Poster board for signs


Wow!  Thank goodness most of this ends up being donated!

> For the financial policy, some things to consider are:
> how much money can be spent by an individual (such as an officer) before
> request needs to presented to the entire populace (all requests, even
> ones go through the financial committee)

I'd say $50.  That seems small, but so are we.  We don't have an infinite
pot of gold yet.

> how many members need to be on the financial committee (minimum = 3) (3 is
> what's on the sig card at the bank so that the treasurer or seneschal need
> to be involved in the decision to spend money)

I think 3 works for now.  When we are Shire or Barony size, maybe 5, but
always an odd number. Forgive the impudence, but i think this committee
should remain an appointed group, the 'appointers' being an agreement
between Senschall and Reeve.

> minimum amount of time bids for events need to open

3 months.  Because i think we need to start doing bids the 'correct' way,
with a site already located, and a budget submitted as part of the bid. I
suggest the bids be awarded no less than 3 months before the event, to allow
for advertisement, etc.

> what happens if no bids are turned in by the deadline

Hmmm.  I hate to say cancel the event.  It's also rather unreasonable to
dump it on the Seneschal or the Knight Marshall, or A&S.  I have no real
idea here.  Would like to see the ideas of others.

> how involved should the populace be in determining which bid is accepted
> an event

For now, we are getting basically one bid for each event.  When we begin
getting more than one, how about letting the populace have the right to vote
between two 'pre-qualified' candidates, bidder names withheld?  I'm really
in favor of keeping the populace as involved as possible in the running of
the Canton, rather than it being done by a nebulous committee and handed to
them (us?).

> when and how are new budgets done

Annually.  The same way this one is being done.  Incumbent officers write
their budgets and submit them to the financial committee for vetting and

> how do amendments get made for the financial policy

Populace vote.
> etc.
> We've already decided who gets into our events complimentary, but we may
> wish to discuss this again before it goes into writing.

I've seen this done several ways.  Local Royals and B&B only (not
entourage); That group plus any other 'hats' that come (this could get to be
a huge number); The first group plus teachers at A&S events;  Folks who
arrive after a certain time; ummmmm.  I'm sure others will have ideas.  I'm
really for the first and third, but that's me.

> Come prepared to discuss and plan this business meeting!

Well, i shoulda read this first, huh?  I'll bring a copy of this mess with

Ever in Service,
Gerita del Mare

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