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Sorry Folks, I forgot that the system strips attachments.  Here is what
you need to know (remember that Guardian Waivers must me notarized (in
As some of you may know, we, the Incipient Shire of Tir Medoin, in
conjunction with the Marshallate, are hosting a Youth Academy on February
28-2.  I have attached an event announcement and schedule and would ask
that you share this with your populace if you are able.

This is a first for Ansteorra and we are hoping to make it a success!

In Service,

Baroness Meghann der Krieger
Hospitaler for Tir Medoin

The Incipient Canton of Cridhe na Tyr
Youth Academy 2003
February 28 - March 2, 2003

The future of Ansteorra lies within our youth. With this in mind, we
invite the populace of Ansteorra to attend this weekend of opportunity.
This event is focused on the youth and youth activities, and is intended
to allow the youth to participate in classroom learning as well as
hands-on activities. Parents are also encouraged to attend and
The teachers for these activities hail from all regions of our Kingdom,
and are offering the following:
*A&S Classes for Youth
*Bardic for Youth
*Making Weapons and Armor (all ages/chivalric)
*Chivalry in a Page, Squire, and Knight
*On Being a Cadet & Don
*Authorizing Classes for Children (Chivalric & Rapier)
*Authorizing Marshal Classes for Adults (Chivalric & Rapier)
*Youth Archery
For a list of materials to bring for "Making Weapons and Armor", contact
Caedmon (Jeff Cargill) at Caedmon_L at yahoo.com or at (512) 273-2957.
Saturday’s activities will begin at 8 AM. Throughout the afternoon, the
youth will have the opportunity to "Fight the Knight/Don". Saturday’s
classes will conclude with a Boffer Tournament and a Rapier Tournament.
Site fee will be $5.00 for adults and children are free. Site opens
5 PM Friday and closes noon Sunday. The site is located at Camp Finlayson
and is provided by the gracious Shire of Middleford.
Burn ban is in effect. Site is dry. NO PETS allowed (medically required
assistance animals only). Guardian waivers are required for minors and
available online at www.ansteorra.org. Be prepared to pack out your own
trash. Bags will be provided for your use. DO NOT BRING FIREARMS!
Each adult must have a valid picture ID.
Vehicles without DOD stickers will be searched.
Directions: Take best route to US 190 East/West between Copperas Cove and
Killeen. Take the West Ft. Hood Exit (watch for SCA signs). Go south on
Clark Road to the MP check point. After being checked, proceed on, and
then turn left on Old Copperas Cove Road at the SCA sign. Turn right at
the next sign, follow road into site.
Feasting fee of $5.00 covers the evening feast. A breakfast and sideboard
lunch will be offered for an extra fee. All meals are courtesy of HL
Gilli’s Feasting. Please contact him for reservations and/or questions.
Menu for evening feast: Breads with Flavored Butters, Cheeses, Meatloaf
(Gilli Loaf), Savory Chicken, Pasta with Herb and Garlic Butter Sauce,
Rice Pilaf, Lioness Green Bean Almondine, Glazed Carrots, and Battle
Field Pie.
Make checks payable to the SCA Inc.- Barony of Bryn Gwlad
Autocrat: Lord Geoffrey Tailor Feastocrat: Gilbert Ost Westley
Jeffrey Fox Bob Dewart
707 Lizzie St. 2402 Live Oak Dr.
Taylor, TX 76574 Copperas Cove, TX
(512)-352-9226 (254) 547-9705
foxden7 at juno.com gilli at hot.rr.com

0800-1000Making Weapons and Making ArmorCaedmanList FieldBring Materials
0900-1100A&S for YouthLady Moia and Lady AudraAssembly Hall
1000-1100List ClerkLady AethelyanClassroom 2
1000-1100On Being a Cadet or DonDon IagoRapier FieldAge 13 & up
1000-1100What does it take to be a local MoC?Lady SaundraClassroom 1
1100-1200Authorizations for Children (Chivalric) and Rules of CombatLord
DaireClassroom 1
1100-1200Authorizations for Children (Rapier) and Rules of CombatLady
AethelynClassroom 2
1200-1300Sideboard LunchGilliKitchen Area
1300-1400On being a page, squire, knightDuke PatrickClassroom 1Age 10 &
1300-1400What does it take to be a local MoC?Lady SaundraClassroom 2
1300-1600Fight the KnightSir RandallList Field
1300-1600Fight the DonDon IagoList Field
1400-1500Authorizations for Parents (adults) (chivalric)Lord
DaireClassroom 2
1400-1500Authorizations for Parents (adults) (rapier)Lady
AethelyanClassroom 1
1400-1500Bardic for YouthAntigonusAssembly Hall
1500-1600Archery for YouthPlachoyaArchery Field
1700--Youth Tournaments for Chivalric and RapierCaedman (Chivalric)List
1800-Evening FeastGilli

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