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Thu May 8 08:51:50 PDT 2003

To the Fair Populace of the Barony and Her Holdings

There are several offices open or coming open that need to be filled.
They are:

Steppes Quartermaster - for details on the duties of this office, please
contact Jonn Rolfsson
Steppes Herald - Lady Margarite McBridin stepping down
Steppes Virtual Scribe - HL Chiara stepping down
Lindenwood Seneschal - Lord Alasdair MacEogan stepping down
Lindenwood Knight Marshal - Lord Agilwulf the Loud, recently stepped down
Lindenwood Arts and Sciences Minister - HL Suzanna the Herbalist stepping
Glaslyn Herald - Lord David ben Leon stepping down

Please complete an application, which can be found on-line.  The
application, with a copy of your Drivers License and Current Membership
card should be mailed to the current or recent officer, the local
Seneschal, and the Central Regional Officer for that position (if there
is one), with a courtesy copy to the Baron and Baroness.

Each and every one of these offices is very important to the life and
continuance of each local group.  Please, please consider mentoring
someone in these positions, if you cannot apply for them yourself.

In Service to the Dream
Lady Francesca Laviana Sansovino

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