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Cyril Marcellius cyril_marcellius at hotmail.com
Thu May 15 06:33:59 PDT 2003

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To all of Glaslyn,

1st of all, we will be having both picnic tourneys.  The dates are June 14th
and July 19th.  It's a potluck picnic with a small tournament, similar to the
pity party we had during Gulf War.  Everyone is invited and it is a great place
to bring newcomers.  They both start at noon, and are over when everyone is
tired or 10pm roles around, whichever comes first.  Hope to see you there.

Secondly, we will be having a Glaslyn camp at Steppes Warlord.  Complete with
breakfast and dinner.  Dinner feast is potluck.  PLease contact me or Lady
Roana for details if you have not done so already.

And last of all, if you have any ideas for list pole construction, please send
them to this address c/o Lord Alastar.

Thank you,

Lady Cyrilla ferch Ross Marcellius
Love is the answer to every question.

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