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And for what it was worth the students had a fine time as did I.  I must admit, though, that the parents with last years trebuchet and Lord Brendan with last years Mag 7 did a fine job of washing my boots and tabard with at least a dozen accurate hits from both at the 100 foot mark.  Both of the student trebuchets lofted the water ballo0ns an impressive 150 feet and I suspect they might have done better had the balloons not had acceleeration limits that prevented higher speed launches.   I even got a refreshing shower through the grill of my helm from one hit.

A slightly soggy trebuchet target
Jacques the Spink

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Subject: [Steppes] Another Successful Competition!

> What a great day we had at the 3rd Annual Westwood Catapult Competition!

Oh, sure, the sky's were a little gray to begin with.  We were even
blessed with gentle rains.  But by the time the competition began, the
sky's had cleared, and at one point the sun even came out to see what we
were up to.

We had far fewer kids this year than last, so we had more time to spend
with each team.  Our team (well, okay, Lord Brendan) manned the winning
trebuchet from last year, Magnificent 7.  A group of parents brought
another trebuchet from last year, and student teams took turns on the two
(or three?) trebuchet's from this year.  I have not heard yet from Queen
Overby which team won, but will post as soon as I do.

My sincerest thanks to *everyone* who contributed to this years demo,
both those who came yesterday, and those who worked behind the scenes.
Those folks include HL Suzanna the Herbalist, Linet, Lady Lete
Bithespring, Lord Brendon, Lord Jacques (who was the live target this
year), Lord Iames, and Lord Ulrich.  Behind the scenes were Baroness Alys
and Lady Amalia Zavatinni, who coordinated and made a beautiful dress for
Queen Overby to have for years to come.  If anyone has not been
mentioned, please accept my humblest apologies.  Please let me know so
that I may properly thank you and give you word fame.

And of course, a huge thank you to Mrs. Overby and the administration of
Westwood Junior High for the opportunity to assist with the project.
Thank you also to the students, who were the impetus behind getting this
year's Competition off the ground.

In Service to the Dream
Lady Francesca Laviana Sansovino

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