[Glaslyn] Warlord XXX

Gerita hpockets at verizon.net
Thu May 22 12:24:50 PDT 2003

Gerita left the meeting in the middle, too ill to concentrate. Sorry.
Now she's confused.

Agreed:  Esther and i plan to fill bellies on Saturday night.  No sweat
there - you guys really didn't have a choice, because we set that all up
before lunch yesterday!

The $2 - what's it for, and who pays it and how?  The convention planner in
me must ask:  is this $2 per person, $2 per meal, $2 per person per meal, or
some hybrid of the above?

feeling better but still not with it, obviously.

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> Greetings to Glaslyn,
> We discussed the camping arrangements last night at Populace Meeting,  and
> here is what came of that.  Saturday morning Roana and Lothar will be
> a breakfast.  Saturday night Esther and Gerita will be preparing feast, it
> will consist of veggies and beef (brisket) and chicken, and lots of other
> things.  Sunday morning will be a fend for yourself/leftover breakfast.
> Sunday night there will be a pasta feast cooked by Alastar.  We are asking
> donations of minimum $2.00 per person, instead of all of us having to lug
> to site.  For meals, there will be disposable feast gear provided by Roana
> Lothar.  If you cannot donate to the feast, we are sure we can find work
> you can sing for your supper.  On another note, No one needs to bring
chips to
> the event for snacking if they like fritso or lay's potato chips.  I was
> boxes of little bags of chips at my work for free, and there is no way I
> eat them all.  If you have any questions, please contact me or Lady Roana,
> before tomorrow mid afternoon.  I will check my email for the last time
> tomorrow morning at 5am.
> Hope to see you there, we are going to have a great time,
> Cyrilla
> Love is the answer to every question.
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