[Glaslyn] Waterlord

ED Reese edreese at m7bedlam.com
Wed May 28 07:56:09 PDT 2003

At 03:21 PM 5/26/2003 -0500, Gerita wrote:

>And Esther - i want 'in' on the cooking, too!  And i have your cooler,
>your olive oil, pan spray, rosemary, and dillweed.  The salt box
>disintegrated, and i'm not sure i can save the pepper mill. We're eating
>the left over chicken tonight if you want to come join us!
The more, the merrier! I just have a policy of never "volunteering" anyone
but myself. :-)

Don't worry about the pepper mill, I can buy another -- anyway, Gail
doesn't like black pepper, so it's not a staple around here. The salt was
fifty cents -- no worries. :-)

Thanks for the invite, but we have to be in Richardson tonight on business.
:-) We're going to mitigate it by trying to go to Bardic.


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