[Glaslyn] Warlord / Waterlord

Gerita hpockets at verizon.net
Fri May 30 10:19:01 PDT 2003

My Lord Tiberius,
at this time, my lord husband has not received notice of difficulties with
your device.  It is quite possible that he will not (officially) as he was
not the Herald who consulted on your application.  On Monday, when i return
from out of town, i will further research this if it is your wish.

Ever in service,
Gerita del Mare
humble research assistant to the Glaslyn Herald (for another 60 days)

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> I have heard that my device (badge) that I recently submited ran into a
> conflict out of kingdom though I have not been given anything offical yet
> would like to know this conclusivly and have a resubmission in the case of
> this conflict...   thanks again for any help regarding this matter
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> > This is a reminder that on 31 July AD 2003, AS 38, I will leave the
> > office. If you want to get a device/name filed, please see me in the
> > few weeks, before the end of June -- so I can get it done, and submitted
> for
> > you..... you know who you are....we know where you live...we know where
> you
> > play....and swim, and get washed away....oh, we are dried out, washed
> > and put away. Garb is finishing in the laundry, and we can return to
> mundane
> > living: AND I managed to get the son's car repaired so it now runs, with
> > thanks to the telephone car doc, Lothar. He is good. Perhaps we should
> make
> > him the House car doc...
> >
> > the ben Leon
> >
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