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Fri May 30 09:45:21 PDT 2003

I have heard that my device (badge) that I recently submited ran into a
conflict out of kingdom though I have not been given anything offical yet I
would like to know this conclusivly and have a resubmission in the case of
this conflict...   thanks again for any help regarding this matter

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> This is a reminder that on 31 July AD 2003, AS 38, I will leave the herald
> office. If you want to get a device/name filed, please see me in the next
> few weeks, before the end of June -- so I can get it done, and submitted
> you..... you know who you are....we know where you live...we know where
> play....and swim, and get washed away....oh, we are dried out, washed up,
> and put away. Garb is finishing in the laundry, and we can return to
> living: AND I managed to get the son's car repaired so it now runs, with
> thanks to the telephone car doc, Lothar. He is good. Perhaps we should
> him the House car doc...
> the ben Leon
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