[Glaslyn] Warlord / Waterlord

David L Cox coxdl at gte.net
Mon May 26 17:34:33 PDT 2003

This is a reminder that on 31 July AD 2003, AS 38, I will leave the herald
office. If you want to get a device/name filed, please see me in the next
few weeks, before the end of June -- so I can get it done, and submitted for
you..... you know who you are....we know where you live...we know where you
play....and swim, and get washed away....oh, we are dried out, washed up,
and put away. Garb is finishing in the laundry, and we can return to mundane
living: AND I managed to get the son's car repaired so it now runs, with
thanks to the telephone car doc, Lothar. He is good. Perhaps we should make
him the House car doc...

the ben Leon

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