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Okay, this is what I get for making a post before I get all my mail read...
and before I consult with my book deputy. *rolling eyes* But there still
needs to be an OP correction, so I was only half of an idiot....


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>Howdy all,
>This Letter of Acceptances and Returns, LoAR, came in last night and I
>thought I would share a couple of entries:
>Absolon of Hereford (Glaslyn). Name.
>Alexander Marcellus (Glaslyn). Name. - started as 'Alastar Marcellius'
>Andrew of Alton (Glaslyn). Name.
>Anne the Spinster, Name and Device. Or, two thistles proper and a spinning
>wheel sable.
>Cionaodh O'Hosey. Name and Device. Sable, a buck's head caboshed and in
>chief a crescent all within a bordure argent. - Name started as Cinead O'
>Cionaodh O'Hosey. Badge. Gules, a chevron inverted and in chief a crescent
>all within a bordure Or.
>Micola Soranzo. Name.
>Stella de Lundeia. Name and Device. Per pale vert and Or, a lion rampant
>between four fleurs-de-lys two and two counterchanged.
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