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Thu Feb 5 14:41:20 PST 2004

Good day,

The following is a list of people who have pre-regesistered and who have sent me their info. If you are not on this list and have pre-reg please email me the following info:
SCA/Mundane Name
Tent Size
Day of Arrival 
Age (if 13 or younger)
Group Camping with

With this information that you give me I am able to cross check it with the official Gulf War pre-reg list and if there are any variences between the two, correct the issues. If I do not have your information I can not do this double check.

Please scroll through this list to make sure that your name is here and is in the right group.  Also, as always, if you have any questions or need any additional information or changes need to be made please feel free to contact me at mysticfalcon at onebox.com

The following are listed in groups in alphabetical order:

Cinead O'Hosey
Curtis Baker
Jon Hosey
Michael Fray
Nikko Hosey
Tori Hosey

Alexander of Elfsea
Ameline de Bois
Anezka z Rozmitala
Arabella de Montecute
ARmand Dragonetti
Arnbjorn Ulfsson
Austin of Elfsea
Cailyn the Bratling
Daire de Haya
Dirk the Just
Enoch Crandall MacCranon
Genevieve del Gamba
Honour du Bois
Irina Morevskaia
Llywelyn Gruffydd
Medb Liath
Raimond George de Mora
Saldisa Mikaelsdottir
Samuel Gruffydd
Timothy of Glastinbury
Xene Theriane

Alexander Marcellius
Alienor Lewelyne
Alvin De Clarmonr
Alys Fitzstephen 
Andrew Aston
Athelwuf the Hungry
Cyrilla ferch Ross Marcellius
Emily MacGregor
Esther of Ennis Merth
Greylord Aston
Guyjin San
Herries of Absalom
Hubert d'Aigues-Mortes
Jacque the Spink
Lothar Wildhaer
Maili Donnel MacGregor
Melissent d'Aulnay the Capricious
Richard MacGregor
Sara Aston
Toryn Seven-Stitches
William Ironwrym

Aaron Floyd
Aingeal man an Ghabhann
Alaric Morganygg
Brighid MacFergus
Bryan Floyd
Caerell MacDomnail
Cathal Finn O'Brianin
Catrin ferch Rhys
Constance Culvern
Cormac MacDomnail
Dana mac an Ghabhann
Daniel the Younger
Elizabeth Hawkwood
Fiona Morganygg
Gaberile de Luxton
Katherine de Ryes
Marcus Alexius
Melodie Ann de Ryes
Morgunn MacDomnail
Padraig Ruad O'Moaligan
Polydore Pike
Robert John de Ryes
Robertach O'Slugglen
Rolf Sewardson
Sybil O'Dowd
Tegwared MacAuley
Terrence of the Syke
Vemundr Porkell Sviobalki
Vigulf Broken Axe

Ciar nic Ruadhan O'Seachanasaigh
Dyan du Lac Calendre
Grimvere Longtooth

Alexander Kelley
Anne the Spinster
Borek Vitalievich
Brenainn Mac Giolla Phadriag
Chiara Francesca Arianna d'Onofrio
Elias Kristenson
Gerita del Mare
Morgan Buchanan
Richard of Durnsford
Tenchi Suiko
Valeria Richila Navarro

Thank you for all of your time and your efforts in helping me in all of this, it is greatly appreiciated!!

In Service,
Lady Honour du Bois
Squire to Sir Galen of Bristol
Central Regional Land Corrdinator

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