[Glaslyn] BSA North District request for a Demo

Linda Grindstaff linda at darkrose.net
Wed Aug 3 19:37:25 PDT 2005

To Steppes, Lindenwood or Glaslyn 

I would like to ask if anyone would be interested in helping the Boy Scouts
in the Dallas/Carrollton/Farmers Branch Area.

Each year they have a event for Boys in 1st to 3rd grade called C.U.B.E this
event has stations set up for the Boys to do fun things like - crafts, cook,
archery etc.  The Event is held at the Farmers Branch Historical Park.  

The Theme this year is the Middle Ages - The Event Chair asked me if I knew
any one who would be able to put on Demo's for the boys. Such as fighting
demo...  The C.U.B.E event will be in October - I am not sure of the dates,
I will know by next week.  It will be Saturday and Sunday. 

I played some in the SCA with Lindenwood about 3/4 years ago, but I am still
on email distribution.

My email is Linda at darkrose.net if Steppes or Lindenwood or Glaslyn could

Linda  aka Lady Alexis Chambers

Wife, Mom, Grandparent, work outside of home and ex-Cubmaster ...

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