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Arias & Tereysa coltjanes at charter.net
Tue Aug 30 19:04:53 PDT 2005

Greetings and warmest salutations to everyone. Arias here with an update to the ELFSEA Defender Security Volunteer schedule. 
Thank you Lord Alric and Lady Simone for your support.  please take a look at the update to ensure that I have placed you in your desired shifts.

Friday 09/23
4pm - 8pm  1)___________________2)_______________________
8pm - MDNT 1) Lord Alric        2)_______________________

Saturday 09/24
MDNT - 4am 1) Lady Simone       2)_______________________
4am - 8am  1) Lady Simone       2)______________________
8am - 12pm 1)___________________2)_______________________
12pm - 4pm 1)___________________2)_______________________
4pm - 8pm  1)___________________2)_______________________
8pm - MDNT 1)___________________2)_______________________

Sunday 09/25
MDNT - 4am 1)___________________2)_______________________
4am - 8am  1)___________________2)_______________________

* There will be security provided by local law enforcement during court, those having the shifts between 4pm and MDNT on Saturday will be able to attend court and resume duties after court. 
* There will be no consumption of alcoholic beverages while on shift and please don't show up for your shift already enebriated.
* There will be no more security after 8am on sunday

If there are any questions about the roll of security please feel free to contact me at Hm#817-451-9103 or my cell at 817-240-3164.

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