[Glaslyn] Steppes Guards

Chiara chiara at io.com
Sun Jan 2 08:11:11 PST 2005

It is that time of year again, where those interested in becoming a member
of the guard to write your intent and submit it to our Baron and to myself.

There are now two groups within the Guard. We have those that are service
oriented and those that are fighting oriented.

Some of you have expressed an interest and we would love to have you, so
please, hand us your written intent, put your verbal interest to paper for
us. :)

All new members will be inducted at 12th night after the Baron and Baroness
have paid the current members their annual recompense.

War unit members are asked to travel with the Baron to fighting events. We
are also going to Gulf Wars and fighting under his command as a unit. He
leads the central region warriors. We fight by his side.

The current roster is:
HL Chiara Francesca Arianna d'Onofrio, Captain
Centurion Morgan Buchanan, Infantry, War Unit Lieutenant
HL Agilwulf "the Loud", Infantry, War Unit Second
Open, Equestrians
HL. Juliann Virtue, Artisans
Ld. Andre' Sansovino, Our Youth
Ld. John de Irwynne, Support
Giles Guthrie, Archer
Don Sabastian, Infantry - Light Fighters (on Crusade in a remote location)
Ld. Hubert, Infantry - Heavy Fighters (injured list)
Ld. Richard, Infantry - Heavy Fighters
Thelyn Oakwood, Infantry - Heavy Fighters (injured list)
Ld. Roc the Bold, Infantry - Heavy Fighters
Tolan, Infantry - Heavy Fighters

Your Captain,

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