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>From the  Waiver Secretary

There are several ways to receive confirmation that  I've received your 

You can send them with via Priority  Mail with tracking.  The postal 
carrier scans the envelope when it is  delivered and you can check the 
USPS web site (or call a toll-free number)  to see when it was delivered. 
This does not require a signature for  delivery.

You can include a stamped, self-addressed postcard with the  waivers and 
I'll sign it and return it to you.

You can include a  note with the waivers asking me to send you an email 
when I've received  them; be sure to include your email address.  Please 
don't send me an  email asking me to let you know when they've arrived. 
With over 40 groups,  matching emailed requests with the postal mail is 

Please  don't send mail to me signature-required.  There is usually no 
one  home to sign for it.  This makes retrieval extremely difficult and 
in  some cases the package will be returned to the sender.  You can waive  
the signature requirement for UPS and Federal Express.

In  Service,
Madame Perronnelle Charrette
Ansteorran Waiver  Secretary

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