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Thu May 19 16:32:32 PDT 2005

After belatedly reading my incoming e-mails, I find this correction
necessary.  It is the STEPPES Populace Meeting that is tomorrow evening.

My apologies for the confusion and multiple postings.

> It's only a day away.!
> May Populace is at the home shared by HL Francesca and Arcus Jaque 
> the Spink with Ld Andre and Ld Dante.  The date is May 20 and the 
> address is 1130 N Cottonwood Dr, Richardson, Texas, 75080.  We are 
> roughly 1/4 mile NE of the intersection of Arapaho Road and Coit 
> Road (2003 Mapsco 6X).
> Take your best route to the intersection of Arapaho Rd and Coit Rd.  
> Proceed East 1/10 mile and take the first left that turns onto a 
> street.  This is Cottonwood.  Proceed North just over 2/10 miles, 
> past Cherokee, Cheyenne and Chippewa.  Ours is the fourth house on 
> the right, with the black hand rail up the front porch.
> There will be a grill available for cooking.  The back yard is large 
> and well shaded, so I hope the weather is nice enough to hold 
> Populace outside.  There is no smoking in the house, but there will 
> be an area outside for the smokers, with sand pots for the ashes.
> In Service to the Dream
> HL Francesca  & Arcus Jacque the Spink

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