[Glaslyn] THANK YOU! ! ! !

ylwrose2@juno.com ylwrose2 at juno.com
Sat May 21 08:02:06 PDT 2005

To their Excellencies Mahdi & Valeria & the Populace of the Fair Barony
of the Steppes and Her Cantons

Thank you for allowing me and Jacque to host this month's Populace
Meeting.  It was an honour to be of service to each of you.

At the discretion of their Excellencies, the meeting was held outdoors. 
While it was warm in the beginning, it cooled down nicely and there was
plenty of room to mingle and eat.  Special thanks go out to Lord Mikael
Colquin and Honourable Lady Katya for bringing their firepit.  Thanks
also to Lord Mikael and Honourable Lord Jacque for standing over the
firepits and cooking for everyone.

I believe everyone contributed to the Pot Luck and there was plenty to go
around.  There were several newcomers in attendance and they were
welcomed in Steppes style.  If you were not able to make it, you missed a
wonderful evening. 

There was only one lonely chair left behind, so if the owner will contact
us, we will make arrangements for it's safe return.

I hope that I may be allowed to host again in the future, and look
forward to being able to visit with you then.

In Humble Service to the Dream
Honourable Lady Francesca Laviana Sansovino

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