[Glaslyn] I have a bit of a question here. (hurricane related)

Bajula bajula at windfire.net
Thu Sep 22 14:07:12 PDT 2005

I've been bullying stubborn people into staying in other places. blah blah
blah. I've got most into hotels, but they are booking up really fast. My
family, however, are stubborn folk. Step-dad, step-brothers and brother were
all in the gulf doing cleanup. For the most part these are all coastal folk.
used to hurricanes etc. But yeah.. staying that last little bit.. Okay here
is the deal. If they decide to cut out, I don't know anymore hotels to get
them too. My house is full, I can sleep a couple on the floor etc. We have a
prolific family though, and Cassie has already offered the space we have to
some friends of hers. With any luck *crosses fingers* I'll find some place
to put them up, but if all of a sudden piles of these people start showing
up and I run out of places to stash them etc.
Is there anyone who would be willing to put anyone up?
I'll keep the obnoxious ones elsewhere, I wouldn't wish my dad on anyone.
Heh. Hopefully none of this will be needed, but I figure ask in advance then
when the time comes I don't have to make loads of desparate phone calls. To
be honest, most of them are just migrating to the next family members house
as mandatory evacuation stuff passes by. They just mosey on to the next
town, and very likely will keep doing that until no one makes them leave
some place. So again it probably won't actually be needed. The apt. complex
I'm at has re-done a bunch of apts. figuring on LA evacs. but never got any
so I'm going to talk to them today to see what they want for thier use.
IF that works out well, I might have spare space for others.


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