[Glaslyn] Invitation to Private Sale of SCA and Camping Items

lizdenpeters@juno.com lizdenpeters at juno.com
Wed Nov 29 23:36:03 PST 2006

Good Gentles,

It was the wish of my friend, Lady Isobel of the Towers, that her many
SCA friends be given first choice of the items she used in her SCA life
and business as well as some of her mundane possessions.  In accordance
with her wishes, this private sale of items will take place Saturday,
December 9th and Sunday, December 10th at her former home.  The sale will
begin at 9:00 AM and run all day, both days.  The address is 9935 Lenel
Place, Dallas, Texas 75220 which runs south off Walnut Hill Lane.  For
more information on the location, please see Mapquest, Yahoo Maps or your
favorite mapping site.

Some of the items for sale are tents, tables, cots, feast gear, camp
stoves, other camping equipment and supplies, some garb, a sewing
machine, some pots and pans, mundane furniture, fabric (mostly scraps --
quilting anyone?), leather, metal and woodworking tools as well as
equipment and inventory related to her business. This does include her
famous trailer painted to look like a castle (licensing and paperwork are
current).  There is also a large quantity of reference books dear to all
our hearts.  All items are priced reasonably so should go relatively

Hope to see you there!

Lady Fionnghuala the Fair "Nuala" and/or my evil twin, Cedric
"A book is a mirror; if an ass peers into it, you can't expect an apostle
to look out."     G. C. Lichtenberg

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