[Glaslyn] Greetings Glaslyn!

M TURNAGE ceinwen7777777 at hotmail.com
Mon Apr 16 06:33:03 PDT 2007

Sir Morgan,

We are pleased that you had such a wonderful time at Glaslyn's Defender 
event and we would love to see you attend our fighter practices.  We have 
many fighters who could benefit from your instruction.  If you need 
information on when/where these practices are held, feel free to contact me 
or Wolf.

In service,
Baroness Ceinwen~
>I just wanted to take a moment to thank you all for putting on such a 
>FANTASTIC event!  I've been in the monkey pile before, and I have to say, 
>it's equally fun to not be in it.  And that's an amazing thing you've done! 
>  You've put together an event that's as much fun to lose as it is to win!  
>I look forward to standing as  your Defender for the next year.  If you 
>have anything you want my assistance with, you have but to ask.  I hope to 
>make a number of your fighter practices as well.  Looking forward to seeing 
>you all!
>In Service to Glaslyn!
>Sir Morgan Buchanan

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