[Glaslyn] New shire to be formed

John Gillin bonz6x at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 14 15:29:57 PDT 2007

Since I seem to have no impact whatsoever in the Canton of Glaslyn, The Barony of the Steppes, Elfsea or the Kingdom of Ansterorra at large... and since any post I make seems to go un-heeded and/or un responded to... I suggest a new Shire will be formed and molded and grown here in the reaches way beyond the limits of the zip codes held by those who ignore this part of the Kingdom on the border lands betwixt and between the Central Region and the Northern Region of Ansteorra (or I shall fight for them). Cooke County and Grayson County Texas maybe ignored by most, but as a resident and a 20 year player in the SCA... and a Baron of the Court... I for one shall not be ignored further.
  Broken ribs, broken hands, concussions, 20 years of bruises and bumps and dings in my helm, Lupus (and a few bad days now and then) and sundry other maladies may make me, unacceptable as a Warrior of Ansteorra and an outcast to those who THINK they have some say in the ways of The Dream, HA! ... AND to some, perhaps only a few, and to those who remain silent... speak little...or to those who speak often and pretend to be somebody's , I say HA! ... You did not invent this GAME... and so,  know this, I have worked LONG and HARD in my days in this Dream.... I have knowledge, and skills and ability to teach. A Shire shall rise... and claim this place... where no claim now exists (that I am aware of).
  You may not know who dwells here OR who may have interest... but I shall find them... 6... it takes 6. Rules are rules... 6.
  Then ... there shall be no middle ground... separating the (mudane) Okies from the Texans... I know not what this place shall be "called"... I only know it shall be called a place... within the Dream.
  I live here... and I Dream...
  Baron Wylfred of MorganVayle (alphabet soup to follow)
  Pass this on to the powers that be... They may be amused...

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