[Glaslyn] Warlord Heads

Chiara Francesca chiara.francesca at gmail.com
Thu Feb 15 11:37:58 PST 2007

Joking aside about heads .... I need some folks to head up Various jobs for 
Steppes Warlord. :)

Here is what we need at this time. We have talked to a few of you about 
these jobs but none of you have really gotten back to us about it so if 
there is anyone interested in these jobs please contact Lord Damon or myself 
and grab it while you can. :D

Gate Coordinator and Lost and Found  []

Set up and Tear down []

Porta Potties []

Armouring Class []

Italian Clothing Class []

Noble's Lunch []

Herald in Charge []

Decorations []

While we are observing the discussion about sites and we do appreciate that 
you all feel so passionately about it all we just wanted to let you know 
that we are reading the emails and pulling the pros and cons out of them as 
best we can.

What we need are the rest of the populace to let us know their pros and 
cons. You do not have to post to the mailing list, you can send your 
responses to Lord Damon and I directly, many have already. Do not be 
intimidated by what you see on the lists, please, we really want to hear 
from the rest of you. :)

Lord Damon (wookiematsu at yahoo.com)
HL Chiara Franchesca (chiara.francesca at gmail.com) 

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