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Good afternoon, my friends,

At Glaslyn's Business meeting, I brought up that there will be Polling for
the next Baron/Baroness of the Steppes at March Populace.  March Populace
will be held at Lyneya and Lasgard's home in Wylie, TX on March 23.  There
was a question about absentee ballotting, and I wanted to pass this along to
the Cantons' Lists.  Her Grace, Duchess Conal has helped greatly with

Also, a shameless plug for February populace on February 23.  This will be
held in my home (and Faelan's) at 8920 Yosemite Trail, Crossroads, TX
76227.  There will be a discussion about Warlord sites at this meeting.
Please come to both these events and have your voice heard.


Lady Constance Elizabeth Campbell
Steppes Hospitaller

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February 15th, 2007 - Letters of Intent are due to the crown and kingdom
seneschal by email.  If you have not already been interviewed by Their
Majesties, please make arrangements to meet with them as soon as possible.

Posting candidate photos and letters of intent to the Steppes website is
highly encouraged!

No official Questions and Answers sessions.  Since this was not posted in
the official newsletter, the kingdom seneschal specifically does not want a
public Q&A session.  However, candidates should feel free to attend
baronial and canton meetings and have personal conversations to address

Polling will occur at the Steppes March Populace Meeting, March 23rd.
Populace is being hosted by Sir Laasguard and Lady Lyneya.

No proxy ballots will be accepted by me on the day of the polling.  If you
cannot be present to take the opinion poll, please download a polling form
and mail it to the kingdom seneschal:  Julie Riner, 1912 Clinton St.,
Longview, TX  75604.

I will submit an updated polling form with all of the candidate names after
February 15th deadline for letters of intent.  Mailed forms must be
RECEIVED on or before March 23rd.  Any polling form received after March
23rd will not be reviewed so mail it early!

In Service,

Duchess Conal
Central Region Seneschal
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