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Faelan Caimbeul faelancaimbeul at gmail.com
Mon Feb 26 07:46:15 PST 2007

Ok, ok, I was wrong. I found the site again, and I must have been looking at
something else just south of Ennis. On the up side, it's only 30 minutes
from Tyler which has plenty of hotels, shopping, food, etc.
They've got a nice spread of land, however, and it's mostly trees.

I got a response from the site owner, who's a SCAdian, and originally bought
the site for Gulf Wars, but the King had other ideas in 97, and took it
away. So, they have the infrastructure, and I don't forsee the unhappy
ending like with a normal bunch of rennies. My Lady and I are going down to
the fair and talking to the owners this weekend. He has been offering the
site for SCA events to Rosenfeld for years.

Does anyone have any specific questions they think I should ask?

We need to get people down there during their run. Admission is free for us
in garb, and camping space is available for those who want it. This is a
great chance to recruit people of like mind and grow the Barony.

If anyone's interested, please contact me ASAP. Also, we'll need display
items for our area as well. I was going to bring this up later, but I'm
trying to put together a "demo kit" for things like this with display items,
a table cover (which I'm making), tent, tapestries, etc. If anyone has any
small to medium, easily portable nice items they'd like to donate to the
cause, please let me know.


On 2/22/07, Faelan Caimbeul <faelancaimbeul at gmail.com> wrote:
> I had an idea yesterday, and I'm trying to see if people would be
> interested in helping with this.
> It's been said that the only way we're going to get a Warlord site with
> everything we want is to build it ourselves. How many people would be
> willing to put their muscle where their mouth is?
> I was looking at potential sites for recruiting demos yesterday and so I
> of course checked all the local Renfaires. Four Winds Renfair runs from
> March to April and is never open on Memorial Day weekend. The site has
> shade, flushies, hot showers, electricity in the camping area, running
> water, a period town and equestrian arena complete with jousting area. Oh,
> and it's all on private property, so we can keep the public out. Anyone
> wondering around would be trespassing, and subject to arrest.
> As an added bonus, the site is 338 acres, with woods, stream and fields
> (that's nearly twice the size of Pennsic from what I'm told) and again,
> since it's on private land, and a Renfair, the option of building permanent
> structures to meet our needs is there. It's just south of Ennis, so not too
> terribly far, and near hotels.
> If this site doesn't work out, there's also Middlefair which currently has
> land, and one building. Period.
> My idea is this. How many people would be willing, at several points
> during the faire's off season, make an "event" out of it and form a working
> party to build what we need, repair what's there and make whatever changes
> we and the owners need done for each of our activities? The bargain I wish
> to strike is similar to Pennsic and Gulf War's arrangements of trading
> labor, time and some money for a permanent site with all we could hope for.
> Ideally, I'd like to include free (meaning no $$$) use of the site for our
> one event each year (and possibly Three Kings as well to make it more worth
> our time and money).
> Along with working parties we would also have a booth there during their
> run and have fighting and bardcraft "performance", of which the owners
> aren't paying for and will add to their draw of customers and hence our
> potential pool of new recruits as well. I know we have several swordsmen
> that can, and do, ham it up for the crowds on occasion and would make a
> great showing.
> Thoughts?
> Faelan

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