[Glaslyn] Medieval Brownies at Defender of the Flame

Liz Wilson ewilson618 at tx.rr.com
Mon Apr 7 22:32:03 PDT 2008

Just a gentle reminder that the Scottish de Bard family, including the medieval Brownie Girl Scouts
Elena and Anabella de Bard, will be vending (is that a word?) at Glaslyn's Defender of the Flame.
They will have approximately three cases or so (that's about 36 boxes) of your favorite
Girl Scout cookies from the New World (OK, maybe by time travel.....).  This Scottish family,
who now resides in the fair Canton of Glaslyn, may not be known to many of you.  We are 
a merchant family from around 1315 and we hail originally from Edinburgh.  We will sell anything
that is not nailed down (or you can pull the nails out if you like).  Since our quantities of product
from the New World are limited, if anyone would like to place an advance order, email me off 
list and I can set aside the Girl Scout cookies of your dreams just for you to pick up at
Defender of the Flame.  We also accept donations, large and small, of cash to put toward boxes
of cookies for the soldiers in the military hospitals in Wiesbaden, Germany and
Iraq.  Cookies will be sent to the soldiers by April 15, so this is the last weekend
we can take orders for the soldiers for this cookie year.  Forgive my spelling  of "Wiesbaden"
but  I don't know much German, and I know "Bagdad" is not correct either but it's late and I don't
remember where the "h" goes.  Can't find the medieval dictionary...must have sold it.
 Cookies are $3.50 in New World money per box.  Thank you for allowing this brief commercial
message, and we will see you at Defender of the Flame.

Courteously,  Christianna and family (aka Liz of Flowre Mound, spokesperson for husband  Robert (Duncan de Bard)
Amelia (Elena de Bard) and Miranda (Anabella de Bard).  

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