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November and December to date

Season's Greetings! I hope everyone had a good thanksgiving and are planning on a wonderful Christmas below are the authroizations for the end of October, all of November and December to date. Youth marshals, I am still waiting on additional back ground information, I only have what I recieved in April so far and I will get them out as soonas possible after I recieve the records.   Cards issue end of October, November, December to date: Richard Johston-Rikr FoetipperMichael Lee Andrews-Michael Fenwick of FotheringhayRussell Fleming-Wilkin le FlemingElayne M Hoover-Maie GirouxChris A Sockaby- Ismail ibn IhsaanClinat Lively-Caelan MacRobScott Jakl-Tristan von HeidelbergSarah Gray-BrigidJohn Felger-John Kendrick O’SheaJohn Chotkey-John of SevernRyan Stephenson-Elias DaigonJennifer BallGeary Johnson-Grimvere WoodButcherRobert Olatarzbwski-Rhys Jordon A Garica-tuathal an connacht O’SiaghailKarl M Van DeldenBill J. Burgin-Joseph MacLennonSam
Finnell-PeterTheodore Young-William MeriicJeremy Collins-Grimr ParsJohn SteelquistBlake Botek-Magnus Bassi GunnerrsonSteven L. Wick-Waldemar HamerhandarJedidiah Tressler-Batian EisengartDon Duplan- Hector of the Shadowlands  Curtis Baker-Hrafn OlafssonSusan MaMahill-Lynedya de GreyMatthew ArnoldRichard Fink-Orazio da AssinsiWayne Ross-Duncan HepburnDarlene Fox -Leah La Malchanceause  Returns in Mail:These were mailed out a long time ago. Came back return to sender attempted – not Known-Unable to forward-  John D. Eppler and Jennifer Eppler. If you have a new address, please contact me and I will get these to you. Problems:  Xavier Knapp no phone number, no authorizations, no marshal listed or named, no email.John Thompson-Sarran the Traveler, no authorizations listed. No marshal signed or namedClinton Cullum-Alexander Marcellus- no marshal listed or signed, no authorizations.  Kiddo’s cards issued Nikko Hosey-Nicholi Alexandreocvich (heavy,
youth fighting as Adult)James Glenn-Hamish MacKnockard (heavy, youth fighting as Adult)John Stellman-Youth rapierTiffany Marie Brisoe – Youth rapierJasmine Gulick-rene Catalone- Youth rapier Zachary Young-Zachary of Greywood-Youth Boffer- 13-15Michael Stellman-Youth rapierWilliam Marsh- Youth figting as adult heavy  Kid problemsBrendan wyvill-Patrick of Gates Edge youth boffer 10-12Belle Otte-L. Belledelatour Youth boffer 13-15 These two have no marshals listed or signed.   Plastic Foil Marshals issued.James CrouchetElizabeth Crouchet Please send any applications for this office to me and to Sir. Asoph . Several people have mentioned they wanted to apply but so far I have not recieved any applications.we would like to fill this position and transfer it at round table. I hope to hear from any interested parties. I know the holidays are approching quickly but round table will be here before you know it.  Thanks HL Bianca della Vittoriamarshallate
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