[Glaslyn] Secret of Kells movie

Duncan Hepburn duncan at stormypetrel.org
Tue Apr 6 09:02:39 PDT 2010

There is an excellent *Academy Award nominated* animated motion  
picture coming to Dallas for a limited time release that I am trying  
to get folks together to go see as a group.

Plot synopsis (from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Secret_of_Kells )

The story is set in the ninth century. Twelve-year-old Brendan is  
educated by his uncle, Abbot Cellach, who holds a firm grip on his  
nephew and expects him to follow in his footsteps. One day, Brendan  
meets Brother Aidan, a master illustrator who shows him the beauty of  
art and stimulates his creativity and fantasy. Finally, Brendan  
decides to break free in search of his dream: completing the valuable  
Book of Kells. On his journey through the forest, he has to face his  
biggest fears.

Also, the movie has a website up at: http://www.thesecretofkells.com/

This is an incredibly beautiful but simple animation style that still  
conveys the awesomeness of Celtic style.

It will be playing at the Angelika in Dallas for one week starting on  
April 16th. I am thinking about going and seeing it that Friday,  
Saturday, or Sunday.
If anyone would like to go with me to see it, please drop me a private  
note with how many will be attending, and a preferred day. No  
guarantees we'll pick your day, but will go with what the majority  
want. Depending on how many commit, I may buy tickets in advance and  
then request reimbursement at the theater, to ensure we all get in.  
This is not a demo, but I intend on going in garb, so it is "garb  
optional" for everyone else.



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