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Tue Apr 6 09:36:46 PDT 2010

Salutations Everyone,  below is the beginning of a regional war practice calander. 

Sadly there will be some conflicts and not every practice will be easy to attend but we hopefully can make an effort, have fun and work on building our regional fighting prowess

I also hope to stress for everyone that everyone that wants to come out and learn.  Help out support or just sit in the shade and point. All are welcome. 

Archers, siege crews and youth combat Rapier!as well will get valuable info. Even if locations won't allow all the training we hope to do. 

Please email me with suggestions, ideas and complaints.  We are an amazing area and can/should have an incredible. Force on the field in support of our kingdom. 

April. 25th sunday 10am. Steppes practice site. Social and team building 
May 30th. Sunday. 10am. Warlord. Siege weapons and squire shoot. I also want to work on support weapons and spears 
June 27th. Sunday. 10am East ft worth. Small unit and bridge training 
July 25th. Sunday 10am. (10 per person) for location and fans. Paired fighting and field communication single sword.  

This calander is a work in progress ad will hopefully develope as we move foreward. Thank you all

Fiacha. The sometimes black n blue....
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