[Glaslyn] OT: Subject of Concern for those who live in Sanger

Regan Caimbeul regan.caimbeul at gmail.com
Sat Jul 17 21:13:03 PDT 2010

Greetings to the list.  Please excuse the OT bandwidth, but I need to get
this out for for one of my good friends that I know through soccer.  And I
know that there are a few members of Glaslyn who live in Sanger.


This is a heads up subject of concern for anyone who lives in Sanger
(particularly animal lovers).

There will be an investigative report article in the paper tomorrow (Sunday)
about a tragedy that my friend had in dealing with the Sanger Animal Pound
and a vet in Sanger.

The gist of the issue is her dog (a purebred Golden Retriever) ran away
while she was on vacation, was picked up and sent to the Sanger Pound.  They
tried to find the dog (even calling all the pounds in the area, in
particular Sanger) and were told by all that they did not have the dog (when
Sanger actually did).  In the end, it seems that the dog was put to sleep at
the pound by the vet that the family used to do her regular shots and check
ups.  (yes, she had her tags and collar when she was picked up, and they
were contacting the pounds within the 72 hour window)

Anyway...  They are planning to go to the Aug. 1st Sanger City Council
Meeting.  Please read the article tomorrow in the Denton paper.  If you are
concerned about what has occurred, please attend the meeting and show your
support for this family and demand answers.

Thanks for the time.  I'm sorry this is a very heart-wrenching story to
share with you all.  My heart breaks for the family, and I want to help
where I can, and that is by getting the word out.


If everything happened when and how we wanted, then nothing would be worth
waiting for...

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