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Here is one candidates response sorry but I have no others in e-mail.


So, what would we do for Hellsgate?  Popular question- I had the beginning of 
this conversation with Hellenne, Timor, and Melissenda the other night and we 
had some off-the-cuff ideas on how to deal with it.   The best one we had was 
taking the baronial guard up there once in the summer and once in the winter to 
"collect taxes and quash the whisperings of rebellion we'd been hearing about".  
The whole barony "sails" up for one saturday or sunday, we have a huge potluck 
picnic at your park and do mini-melees (chivalric) and ship melees (rapier) for 
the afternoon, followed by a court that specifically caters to Hellsgate needs 
and fun persona banter between BG and HG.  This is a realistic goal- a lot of 
other candidates are making noise about going up once a month and we just don't 
see that as sustainable with gas at $3/gallon and the kingdom calendar as 
crowded as it is (Pardon me while I scoff at outrageous campaign promises- 
*scoff scoff*.  Great sentiment, though.).  We'd rather target fewer but more 
focused interactions that get you what you need- rallying points for your group 
that naturally bring your population together.  That's a goal that we can 

We also have an idea about getting our guilds and arts communities up there.  
You guys have some resources that many guilds down here would LOVE to know about 
and have the opportunity to use; the soldier's arts and crafts center on post is 
one hell of a carrot to dangle in front of the artists down here to encourage 
travel and interaction.  I can see 2-3 BG A&S guild meetings proposed up there 
per year.  Maybe only one of them gets a huge turnout... but all three would get 
laurels and experts from down here traveling up there where they're more 
accessible by some of the local players.  Just like you are asking, "what's in 
it for us?" we have to be able to present the benefits of travel to people down 
here and that center is a heck of an incentive.  It's been done successfully 
before so it's a tested idea- we just need to refine it and repeat.

The most important thing I think we bring to the table as potential B&B is that 
we know where you're coming from and we are ready to listen to your ideas about 
what you need.  Let's face it, if you haven't been stationed at Ft. Hood it's 
very difficult to grasp the lifestyle an SCAer in that area leads.  Transient 
population, deployments, influx of a radically differing SCA cultural 
background, the intermittent "well, in MY old kingdom we did it THIS way" 
issues, the potential for danger and tragedy for the people you play with all 
the time, supporting members who are abroad, the frustration of having a good 
idea from some other place that nobody will listen to, integration of resident 
retirees and active duty folks, defining award standards for people who can only 
be at events intermittently... we can deal with these because we understand them 
because I lived it.  And it doesn't hurt that I know a lot  of the old timer 
population up there, too- if I need to get the scoop on some issue or another I 
can make about three calls and have a very clear picture from very different 
local perspectives.

What would you like to see for help and assistance from us if we get chosen?

Please, please, please... no matter what your take on who would be the best 
choice down here- WRITE A NOTE to the crown with your opinion!  The danger 
Hell's Gate faces in getting marginalized in the outcome of this choice is so 
high that this might be the only way to offset it.  I have NO IDEA who chose a 
polling site in far south Austin but it was a HORRIBLE idea; it should have been 
in a place where you guys didn't have to drive so far.  Email your opinion to 
Ulsted and Ebergardis at crown at ansteorra.org .  This is such a hot topic that 
I'm ccing a few of the folks who have asked the same question with our answer- 
please share it with as many people up there as you'd like; we haven't said 
anything here we wouldn't say in public.  Make sure Keyna and Adrian get a copy 
as I don't know if they'll be able to drive all the way down for the polling.


Dieterich and Sabina (who is looking forward to getting to know you, too)

Post Script: It should also be a point of interest that if we are chosen to lead 
down here, our favor is not for sale.  It can, however be rented for Schoepf's 
bbq pork chops with a side of pickles.  This will be considered the official 
dish of Bryn Gwylad for the duration of our tenure and gives the populace of 
Hells Gate a certain natural advantage politically speaking (it also means that 
we'll be stopping in Belton every time we come back from a northern event... 
planning meetings at Schoepfs!!!)

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I'm kind of trying to catch up with anything.  Can anyone tell me what the 
candidates think of Hellsgate?

~Jen The Coughing

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Good morning,

Tonight is the polling for the new B&B for BG. If you cannot be there,
PLEASE write the crown and let them know your thoughts.  PLEASE.  Read
the candidates' pages, email them, ask those of us who might know them
what we think.  I know Eirik has talked to several of them, as has
Mel.  I'm sure the Crown will be taking opinions for the next few
days, so don't feel that if you can't decide by tonight, you shouldn't
say anything.


This isn't just a random set of people you'll never really see.
They're going to be our B&B and it's important.

Polling information is also on the Candidates' page.

PLEASE take a few minutes to look it over and give input.

Thank you!
In Service to Country and Crown,
Lady Helene Dalassene

"Whatever their fond sentiments for men and women in uniform, for most
Americans the war remains an abstraction – a distant and unpleasant
series of news items that do not affect them personally."- Robert
Gates, Secretary of Defense.
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